Today we mocaped (kinda)!

16 August 2018

Today we did some animations and since we're not rich enough to do some fancy motion capture, we did it ourselves! We had one tremendous animator using Blender while myself (As you can figure, are in super amazing great shape) showing how to do the feet-only pushups!

Here are the result!

Work it!

Here is me, showing our animator how it's done! And I must say, he got it 100% like I did it!


Here are some other idle animations for you to look at, super fresh from the headquarters today!

Idle confused, because we're confused alot!

Idle Confused

Idle chillin', because what's better in life than lying in the grass and looking at the stars? And then you figure out that you live in Northern Sweden where it's never dark so you cant see the stars.. But you still lay in the grass!

Idle Bored

We also did some super cool amazing shader stuff, here is our custom fireshader from a few days ago! It looks supershiny, but dont get too close.. You might get LIT up!



Well that's it for today! Thanks for checking in, if you have been able to complete the "Feet-only pushup" please make sure to let us know with pictures on our facebook page and tag your pictures on instagram with our username to show us how it's done!!


Oh and don't forget, we also have twitter now!! Upload your pictures there as well! We want to see them pushups!!