Today I rigged

by Garm
15 August 2018

Okay this is what happened...

Like many other games we need animations for our character so, I loaded up Blender and opened our rigged character (with automatic weights... don't tell anyone 👀).

I had an idea, why animate if we can just grab some from Mixamo?
We might want custom animation later but it should be good for now.
Great, let's do it!

I typed "" into the address bar, found a sweet dancing animation and downloaded it.
Which looks like 👇 for reference. it isn't as effect full without the image :(
Nothing fancy yet...

But it wasn't a great fit for our skeleton/rig.
Alright let's just use the retarget tools in Blender's mocap add-on!
Ok, something is off, doesn't look very good...

This is the point where the naive section of my brain kicks in and i think...

I just need to constraint some world positions and rotations from the source to target.
It might need some offsets and tweaks but it'll be fine! -💩

I do it easy peasy! Ok, let's see it, *hits Alt + A*