Moving Forward

21 Mars 2019

We've been silent for a while now but we've been busy applying for a grant to the The Ministry of Silly Walks.
And everything was going fine!

Imagine someone flailing around with his arms here

But then we hit a wall...

Imagine someone running into a wall repeatedly

Not being too discouraged, we managed to rise from the ashes, reborn again like a phoenix we implemented auto crouch.

Imagine someone gracefully crouch under an obstacle

So in the end we're happily moving forward!

Imagine someone being really happy :D

Jokes aside...
This is actually a final product.
Jokes aside, again, it's not...
It's really work in progress of an animation system we're developing in Unreal for our game Kontroll!

We have also been working on making our camera controller a real gem 💎 and we got a GAME JAM coming up soon!

Until then, have a good one!