Crunch Jam v2

27 January 2019

We're back! From outer spa... nope, we're not doing that... moving on!
We have once again convened at the Arctic Beard Emergency HQ, crunching to get our new game ready for an audience (yes, that's you!).

Arctic Beard Emergency HQ

We felt like we had to defy the cold weather (-18 C°) to get some BBQ goin' on!
Since we have "Arctic" in our name and live in northern Sweden, we had no choice but to go out in the cold and start grillin'!

BBQ Session

But back to the sweet stuff, we're actually super excited to show you what we're working on, but all in good time!

Since you have been so patient we felt like giving you something, a fresh first peak at our game!

The cities last hope

This might not be the picture you deserve, but it's the picture you need...

Hope this small update will at least show you that we're still in it, working hard! Stay updated at the website and our socials to get the latest information about our upcoming game!

BBQ i snö [bɑːɹbəkju i snøː]
A barbeque held in cold weather, with risk of getting frostbite. A great tradition, held for ceremonial purposes by the first Arctic Beards.