2 Weeks 2 Go

19 May 2019

We'll be at Nordsken in SkellefteƄ in two weeks (30th May-1st June) showcasing our game, be sure to come see us at our booth and try out our game!
This weekend we joined forces at the Arctic Beard Emergency HQ, crunching to get the demo ready. Here are two shiny new screenshots from our game! Super awesome freeze frame

Guards have no clue

Ugh, bet those guards had no clue what was going on!

What? Gamejaming this weekend you said? But Eurovision was this weekend? Don't you worry, we had a screen dedicated to the show, blasting the sweet music while working on our game! We even voted for Norway, which had (probably) the best song of all time.

We also started up our own Discord channel where all of you can get the latest updates from our game and be a part of the development from the very start! Be sure to join us! https://discord.gg/pYeGYAr Join our discord channel

More updates will follow with a gameplay video after Nordsken!